Negative effects of paper straws?

i've heard a lot of bad things about plastic straws (not biodegradable and causing harm to our environment and wildlife), but what about paper straws? are they really the better option?


Paper is made from special trees (long fibers) which are planted for that use, the more paper we use the more trees get planted, and thats got to be good.


Yes absolutely. People tend to think of saving oak trees when they hear about paper products but in fact the trees used to produce paper are 'farmed'. That's to say the forests are managed, so that there are trees in all stages of growth. Paper can litter, of course, but it degrades a whole lot faster. Of course it's better for the earth if we give up straws altogether, but that's maybe another debate for some time in the future. One thing at a time.

mike m

I remember paper straws when I was growing up. They would collapse and be worthless.

Le Café

Heu... are you talking about Recycle Straws ? Up to 145 pilot whales died in a mass stranding


More to the point, why do we even need straws? Who came up with that idea? Maybe for folks in hospital who are flat on their backs, but that's a legitimate medical need.... otherwise....why?

Donnie Porko

Wouldn’t it have to be sprayed with something that makes it waterproof. Who knows what the long term effects will be if it gets into your body. Look at talcum powder. Who knew it can cause ovarian cancer if you’re a female who uses it down there. Or the Monsanto pesticide.

Mark IX

The best option is, of course, a glass, but if you have to use a straw then the paper ones are a good option. Paper is a natural fibre, it can be recycled, and, given straws don't have to be made of high quality paper, can be made of recycled paper with little processing.