If Tigers are so dangerous, why are we trying to protect them?!?



They can be dangerous to human beings but the thing is that they have a right to exist as well. Planet Earth is not just for humans. Besides, predators play a role in a healthy ecosystem and when the planet's ecosystem is healthy that's good for us too (we just need to avoid thinking that they are house-cats).


if tiger gets disappear from the earth then the whole biodiversity will chaose which will affect humans indirectly

Kyle J

Those two things are irrelevant. It doesn't matter if they are dangerous or not. They are still animals deserving a place in the world.


They are innocent. They don't know it's wrong to hurt people.


Because Our Ecosystem will be destroyed the tigers are carnivore they hunt grass eaters animals for there food if tigers doesn't exist the numbers of grass eaters animals will increases tremendously and due to this green land becomes barren and millions of small insects who live in greenery will get killed.The whole Ecosystem get messed up. That's why it is vital for us to protect every species of animals


Hi, I dunno why either. This is a very GOOD question.


They might be dangerous but they still have a right to live because they're very beautiful creatures.


I always think about being a primary school teacher of the future having to show the kids an image of a tiger and say ... these used to live in Asia and Siberia when I was your age. But we let them all die.


Because they're an endangered species and they're really not that dangerous. Hippos are more dangerous than them.


its the same with sharks they are dangerous but we protect some species of sharks that are close to going extinct because without them there would more fish and seals swimming around but with the sharks numbers growing they can make sure something like that does not happen. its the same with tiger they help keep their preys numbers from growing so even though predators are dangerous they help keep other animals from overgrowing and overpopulating and then there is a shift in the balance


They are dangerous, but they are also few in number. It is not considered nice to exterminate them


What animals are more dangerous than humans? And yet we have closed season on them, except in wartime.


Thy are only dangerous if they bite you.