Should illegal fishing vessels be confiscated and suck on artificial reefs?



I like the Indonesian method take the fisherman off, and set fire to the boat.

Inez Deborah Emilia

they should be confiscated but not allowed to suck on artificial reefs


Reused. (There's too much junk floating around the ocean already.)




No To much damage. They have fuel in them other things. They also Shift position tearing up coral. Do as we do here. Bring them in to court. They pay a heavy fine. Crew is returned. A no pay. They are took to a bay. Burnt to the water line. To join the others there. After cleaning. Fuel removed. Other things.


Wouldn't the sunken boat be another form of trash? My guess is that you have been fooled into thinking that this easy way to dispose of big things is the thing to do. Now, it does increase the fish population, which is good for the fishing crowd. Who buy the boats that make the reefs. And the story repeats itself.