Are thermometers global warming deniers?

Record low temperatures are being recorded across the midwest. But we all know global warming is heating the earth up rapidly. Are thermometers evil right wingers?


I will second that this is an idiotic question. The reason we know the planet is warming is because of thermometers. They tell us that this decade is the warmest ever recorded--it is warmer than 2000s, which were warmer than the 1990s, which were warmer than the 1980, which were warmer than the 1970s. Now go to a library and take a look at a globe, and see how small the American Midwest is compared to the whole planet. Then think about how many days out of an entire year this cold snap will last. Then you might go to whatever high school you graduated from, and ask them why they didn't teach you any science.


It seems deniers cant grasp what global means as they talk about localweather in the U.S midwest and try to claim thats global, when it related to local conditions and the Polar Vortex. Global average temps remain high regardless of the limited view deneirs want to have.


No. What an idiotic question. It is data from thermometers that say that Earth is warming. Learn the difference between weather and climate, and one small corner of the world and global.


No. Thermometers have more brains than deniers. Take a course in climatology, meteorology or ecology.


It wouldn't surprise me if some conservatives actually believe thermostat manufacturers are in on the 'scam'. Alaska is having a heat wave but since cons in the lower 48 states don't live there it's not worth a mention, to them


midwest is not global.


The rectal thermometer sticking out of your @$$ indicates a very high fever has caused you irreversible brain damage, as evidenced by this question. My sympathies to your surviving family members.


No, the heat is in the Arctic


Did you know that most thermometers use volume as a proxy for temperature? Volume! That's not even close to being a direct measure of temperature! And to think that so many people rely on that kind of nonsensical guesswork! And then they go and try to back it up by saying that they've got this new method that uses light - ANOTHER proxy, mind you - to say that the old one worked! It's all a giant stack of cards waiting to fall over, mark my words.

Tad Dubious



YUP! All those instruments are lying. Al Gore says the Earth has a F-E-E-E-V-E-R! Ole Al is never wrong. So send him some money and buy some CARBON CREDITS. That boy in Iowa City, Iowa really died from heat exhaustion. Honest Injun! Gore told me so!


If there is a flaw in the science of climate change, it is that science has less than one hundred years of valid data. So how much of a flaw do you have in using one winter?

Thunderous Barbarian

Apparently. Perhaps leftist morons will claim they are now "anti-science" since the issue has been "settled".