As they say on here, the warming causes the cooling but cooling doesn't cause warming. Yeaaaah?



Not sure what Dario is talking about nothing in the actual global data Needs to be explained, the polar vortex is a local weather condition that usually hits Canada but has moved further south than it usually does, it did this back in 1996 as well and that didn’t stop 1996 being a very warm year on a global scale.


What cooling? The Earth's temperature just keeps going up--this is the warmest decade on record.


Some places are hot. Many places were hot last summer and will be hot next summer. No one who knows anything about science makes conclusions about the global temperature trend without a trend analysis of the average temperature of temperatures from all over the world for a period of less than 30 years.


erratic weather is just what climate scientists said would happen


Somebody seems to be having trouble sciencing. Here's the thing about global climate change. There are numerous effects, and some of them are still being discovered today. For example, an increase in the number of glaciers as a result of the polar ice caps melting is actually causing the oceans to heat up faster. At the same time, it's creating large areas of cold air. This creates huge cold weather fronts, and causes things like what is going on on the east coast right now. But, as a climate change denier, all you just heard was a bunch of gibberish, I'm sure.


Alarmists are scrambling trying to splain away the polar vortex. Some say the warming makes more clouds which brings more precipitation, causing more cooling. What we get from that is 'Earths climate is self correcting". Meaning that man cannot burn it up no matter what. Last 20 years CO2 continued going straight up (by the charts) while the reduced solar activity seems to line up with the so called "pause" in American made GW. Just like the Maunder minimum and the little ice age. .


It is mind boggling how these 'environmentalists' are so eager to show off the fact that they are low I. Q. Here is one to try to make sense out of. Quote by Steven Guilbeault, Canadian environmental journalist and Greenpeace member: "Global warming can mean colder, it can mean drier, it can mean wetter." I can only imagine that some of these same people have trouble deciding which bathroom to use or that should they put on a dress or dress up like a man? Then these same mental freaks try to convince us that they are out to save the world and that we sane people should do as they say. If you don't know what sex you are, don't tell me how to live my life!