How are you facing this huge snowstorm?



I’m not, I’m in Australia we are having heatwaves and bush fires


Not snowing where I am, it's raining. Tomorrow it will be sunny and I'm playing golf. Did you know there are more places in the universe than where you live?


No snow in Edinburgh, Scotland, its ffffreezing though.


Southwest ...


Not much snow, just very cold thanks to the weakened polar vortex sending arctic air down south. Family called on me to fix their plumbing, one burst pipe, another a broken washing machine, which turned out to be a frozen hose. They'd have to wait to days for a plumber. (It was 3 hours hours drive to their places, but I was faster and work for free) Replacing the pipe took only 30 minutes and the other family is thawing out the washing machine with an electric heater. Glad I could help.


I live in Kentucky. We had about a half an inch of snow and they called school off. But I am retired and have no reason to venture out. I sit by the fireplace and ENJOY!


No snow here.


There is no snowstorm where I am.

That guy that did that thing

What snowstorm it 35 degres celcius (95 degrees fahrenheit) here


As a true survivor of the great blizzard of the S. Pacific. I will never forget the night we got a 1/4 inch of snow up in the mountains. But we did drive up there to see snow. We did enjoy seeing it dispite the brutal cold. They named it the blizzard of the century here. So cold weather. While miserable is survivable.