Are Americans prepared for climate change?

Are there plans in place to save American lives?


Trump is getting his golf courses ready.


No, easier to deny it is happening.


I'll be long gone before the real bad stuff hits. In fact we will all be long gone. Nothing to prepare for in my lifetime.


I'm still prepping for the returning Ice Age of the 70's.


Throughout the country, Americans are noticing something different about the weather. The seasons feel warmer, wildfires seem worse, and floods and hurricanes are more severe.


First, we need people in power to believe it.




I prepare for seasonal changes, a time to sow, a time to reap.

Justin Thyme

Yeah, next spring i'm going to stop dressing as warm as i do now.


no , I am resigned to die in the first famines .


Yes. Got that ocean front property in Idaho all prepped for the future.

mike m

Save American lives from what? Lots of us don't really believe the sky is falling. Global warming and cooling has gone on since the beginning of time. Maybe your Obama doctor could prescribe you some anti-anxiety meds?

Donald K

Ha! My wife and I spent ten years in far east Texas (she's actually a Native there!) and being from Northern Arizona (>6500 feet where I'm a Native) where it does get fairly cold (~0F) in the winter and snowstorms of 2+ feet, 4-5 times through an average winter, neither of us had any problems with Texas weather. In fact, in the middle of summer, I regularly would be out on the tractor, bushhogging some section of our thirty acres that had grown over since last year! We laughed when it got down below 70 degrees and all the Native Texans would be running around in hooded ski jackets and freezing to death! I would be out still wearing my T-shirts! After taking care of the family business that we moved there to attend to, we decided to return to our tall mountains and cold winters in Arizona. So, if you "y'all" (I picked that up in our ten years!) think we are wimps, I invite y'all to visit the Grand Canyon this time of the year, when there is snow on the ground and 40+ mph winds! It's actually beautiful up there this time of year! Let us know who are the wimps! (Don't forget your hooded ski jacket, thermal underwear, and snow boots!) Oh, BTW: we get 100F+ summers here too, but the humidity seldom makes double digits, so even the lizards and coyotes carry canteens here!


What might "prepared" be? That the weather is going to be more variable and some areas will change sure we are prepared.


Yeah, we have Snow shovels, Snowblower, all four tyres studded, and an Air Conditioner for 3 rooms.


So far, with economic damage and deaths caused by global warming already, looks like we’re not ready

Christian sinner

I totally am ready! Because the Millennium has a different climate. After Jesus returns which will be way better than it is now. So don't mess with it, not that you could. It’s true that water vapor is the largest contributor to the Earth’s greenhouse effect.


Get modern air conditioning. Wont help in the long run cause the ice ages usually last a LOT more than one lifetime. "Little Ice Age" was 400-500 years, depending on who you listen to. So just enjoy the mild climate we have now and dont do anything stupid.


Exactly HOW should Americans prepare? Buy a beachside home like Algore and the Malibu supervisor classless?

Gilgamesh King of Uruk

yea, im digging my six feet now, just need the marble gravestone


"Climate change" = "No matter what happens, our prediction was right."