If Methane causes global warming, Why are world like Uranus and Neptune so cold?

Even Titan has an entire lake of methane.


They're cold because of their great distance from the sun, so they receive little solar energy. Uranus is actually colder than Neptune despite being closer to the sun. One possible reason for this is that Uranus suffered a collision, knocking the planet 98 degrees on its side. Some have proposed this as a shift that bled heat from the planet. Another theory is that heat is lost from the energetic atmosphere during the planet's equinox. In any case, Uranus is the only planet that doesn't radiate more heat than it receives from the sun. However, both planets have methane and acetylene in hazy stratospheres which help warm the lower layers of their atmosphere. So yes, the planets are cold. But they'd be colder without those gas hazes.


Distance from the Sun.


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if it didn't have methane it would be even colder


Okay, first of all, why did you find it necessary to capitalize "methane" and "why," and to describe two planets as "world?" Second, why is it warmer in the daytime than it is at night? Get your head out of Uranus. Then go away.


Their globes get less sunlight.


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Very far away from the sun, simple!!!


Those planets and moon are too far away from the sun and therefore there's very little heat that can be trapped in their atmospheres, assuming they even have atmospheres.


They have no gas release we do.