Global warming was invented 40 years ago. Shouldn’t winter be a thing of the past?



We can change the concentration of CO2 and other gases in the atmosphere. We can't change the tilt of the planet.


If "winter" goes away everywhere in the world we'll be lucky to even survive.


Even if you believe climate change is a hoax, where's the harm in pursuing alternate forms of energy? Wind, solar, geothermal and hydroelectric power would create millions of new jobs and continue to grow our economy. We can lead the world in these new technologies, as we did in the industrial revolution. Freeing ourselves from reliance on Middle Eastern oil isn't just an economic imperative, it is a national security imperative. If you believe wind farms are somehow dangerous, build them offshore. Lower energy costs are something we should all be able to agree on. You don't have to believe in "global warming." Horse and buggy cabbies thought automobiles were stupid. Fossil fuel companies need to stop blocking the idea and the open market will take it from there. I guarantee once alternate fuel companies start to take off, those same fossil fuel companies will be the first in line to invest in them.


No. Scientists project a warming of around + 3 C by 2100. This is not enough of a change to prevent cold weather from happening. The tilt of the Earth's axis ensures continued seasonal variations.


Global warming was NOT invented.


Global warming was discovered, not invented. And, it has only warmed by about 1 degree.


science discovers craftsmen invent GW is a scientific fact

Saints Hasenhüttl

Winter is happening right now, people can't invent a climate and only ruin it, Global Warming is caused by many things including caused by the trapping of the sun's rays around the earths surface due to the greenhouse effect,


it wasn't invented and no winter shouldn't

Common Sense

My goodness, you are embarrassing yourself. Global warming was not "invented". Since the earth was created 2 BILLION years ago, it has gone through natural cycles of freezing and warming with climates ranging between tropical and freezing in various areas of the globe simultaneously. Global warming is not an "invention" it is a natural cycle that has a repeated pattern over the course of time. Good grief.

Pearl L



No, Global warming was predicted about 130 years ago. It was discussed further about 90 years ago. A few degrees of warming will not abolish winter. To lean more, go to

Solar Wind

Humans have no control over the climate of the Earth. The Sun, Galactic Cosmic Ray flux, Planetary Mechanics and Nature are the driving forces determining the climate of all the planets in our Solar system. Currently the Sun is transitioning into an inactive cycle called a Solar Grand Minimum. One that occurs every 350 years and will produce Global Cooling for the next 30 or so years. The Radiative Greenhouse Effect is a myth, it has never been proven by the scientific method. CO2 does not trap heat and is a non-factor in determining climate change.


They really had to scramble when all their predictions fell apart like a wet "newspaper" ( ironic analogy ). .