When will libtards finally admit man made climate change is junk science?

It's a scam dumbasses!


No. It's a well established scientific fact. You're the dummy You probably think evolution is also a lie and man never walked on the moon


Its to fast!


When idiots stop using the terms trumptard and libtard,

Donald K

I took a class in Logic which included a brief presentation of known fallacies. I can still remember a few: ad hominem attack, genetic fallacy, ad hoc ergo propter hoc, and the argument from authority. I often hear these fallacious arguments when people advance political/ideological views. Learning these fallacies was one of the more valuable things I learned in obtaining a B.S. and two Masters' degrees. Learning about supply and demand, equilibrium price and quantity is also essential. Simple as it may seem, an introductory knowledge of economics allowed me to see through Paul R. Erlich and other neo-Malthusians, despite all the "news" reporting of the day. Yes, I was "the only person on the planet" who evinced skepticism, and I was right. Thank you Economics. Logical fallacies and micro-economics basics should definitely be pushed down to the high school level. Young people should also be taught about "projection" as described in psychology. That's about it for those three disciplines; the rest can be reserved for college. We are talking about diminishing marginal returns. By all means learn about Freudian psychology in college. The larger lesson being that faulty world views (Freudian psychology providing an example) are a dime a dozen. Members of the press and other Democrats rely heavily on the argument from authority. It has always been one of the main arguments for selling Global Warming and Climate Change theories. Science says, scientists say, our panel or experts say, our Constitutional expert says, are typical introductions to the "authority." At this point many consumers turn off their minds and wait to hear the conclusion which they are to memorize. Sadly, the highly educated (indoctrinated) may be the most susceptible. Their continuing education has taught them to memorize the "correct" response, which they are to repeat on the test, in class, and in written essays. There is often no time for thinking in school given the volume of "information" that has been presented.


Well it’s difficult to counter all the evidence you posted (I.e. nothing) The actual evidence shows the globe is warming https://climate.nasa.gov/vital-signs/global-temperature/ Hence the name calling as deneirs have no real counter for the science, and frankly the louder deneirs shout the more obvious that point is made.


What you need to prove is that currently accepted laws of physics are wrong or incomplete and show us, through a combination of theory and experiment, why adding CO2 to the atmosphere will not increase temperature ...


So, you do not accept science, and are like this for political reasons? Really? Oh, I live in a place (the far north of Canada) where you can see climate change happening all around us, regardless of your politics.


You're one of the reasons that I'm no longer a Republican--it's turned into the reality denial party. I hope that you're a high school dropout--it would be embarrassing if our school system produced graduates as incompetent at science as you are.


If someone disproves the laws of thermodynamics.


Yes science says it is a scam. They will never admit it because it is a Leftist scam.


The very fact you are making this a political issue, instead of a scientific one, is suspect. If you want to use this as an excuse to insult liberals, why should anyone believe it? This issue is scientific, not political.

Australian Sniper

Theres no solid evidence, its technically a theory, but just like evolution, just say it enough, people will think its true.


if it is a scam , why is the 1 % spending billions to terraform mars ?


Perhaps, when you show evidence that does not come from Big Energy.


I agree!!!! The world's climate has always altered, even before man industrialised everything. There have been three known Ice-Ages in the last 1 million years. Those Ice Ages will produce a 'COLD' climate , and in between the Ice Ages there have been warm periods of climate.