How does the current model of climate change caused by CO2 explain what is happening in Chicago?


Chicago is not the Earth. That swathe of unusually low temperature that you're referring to represents about 0.5% of the planet's surface area. It is explained by the movement of air from one place to another, not a cooling of the entire planet. Sensational "skeptic" headlines about the death of AGW are easily canceled out by pointing to extremely high temperatures in Alaska, the Middle East or China. On average, today, the planet is still significantly warmer overall than it was just a few decades ago.

cosmo: There is in fact an explanation

There is in fact an explanation: the jetstream has been diverted by climate change, and as a result cold arctic air masses have been diverted further south than was the case in the past. The result is that the arctic is much warmer than in the past, and Chicago is experiencing a bit of arctic weather.


climate change / erratic weather Alaska is experiencing another heat wave exactly what the climate scientists said would happen


In Chicago. Each powder explosion causes 1 less CO2 emitter. Making for a small CO2 drop inside Chicago every year. At this rate in Chicago in 10 years native follage & wildlife will start to return to the vacant area's. Do to lack of CO2 emiters left alive there.


It doesn't The CO2 riding the humidity off the world Oceans is a result of evaporation/precipitation cycle which is from heat exchange that drives the ocean conveyor from he heat vents off plate tectonic variability with the ovulation of the heat distribution as Earths mantle churns causing more heat or less heat to went as plate tectonic speed changes resulting in Climate Variability cycles and whacky weather Chicago having a extreme cold snap means somewhere else in the world is having unusually warm weather inoder for weather to work via disapaion of heat to cold that results in wind,clouds,rain,weather (heat isn't store...its diipated into wind,clouds,and weather via water vapor evaporation/precipitation As for "Global Warming"...the mantle vents heat out faster and faster through plate tectonics as the Earth nears its interglaiation time(a time with no ice) but,like a vented out pressure cooker, once all the excess heat that drives "global warming" is expended through plate tectonics the plate tectonics slows or stops venting heat letting the below freezing tempatures of the majority of Ocean engulf the planet in Ice as thick as a mile during" Ice ball Earth" if plate tectonics from heat and pressure doesn't resume Right now Climate vairability has Chicago in its El Ninio? Extreme wet/cold (others is El Ninia extreme warm/dry, LA Nada. No extreme)


1.1 degree of warming is hardly noticeable in this cold.


Boy, it's true we have had a mild winter up 'til now. It's the end of January and this is the first cold snap.


What Chicago is experiencing is known as "winter". Global warming refers to an increase the mean temperature of the Earth's surface. The midwest is only a tiny fraction of that surface, and this event will be short-lived, so there is really nothing to explain. It would be another thing if the frequency of such events increased. There are some people that believe it will, because "waviness" of the polar vortex is expected to increase as the equator-to-pole temperature gradients lessen. If you look at the polar vortex in the Southern Hemisphere you'd find that it's more tightly bound with the pole during the cold season, instead of its Northern Hemisphere cousin. That's because there is always a greater gradient between equator and poles in the Southern Hemisphere. So possibly the polar vortex is meandering around more as the climate warms. However, it may not be, either. To attribute this event to global warming would require a lot of investigation and possibly waiting 50 or a 100 years for more data to come in.


The heat has melted everyone’s brains and the city is in chaos.

Solar Wind

Global Cooling is happening NOW. Wind + Misery (Wind Chill & Heat Index) @ Surface: January 29, 2019 Grey = very cold Blue = cold Black = normal Red = hot Gold or yellow = very hot