When did global warming start?



Natural warming in the past was driven by a number of things from Earth tilt to the Sun, changes in the Earths atmosphere in the longer term by the movement of the continents and the effects that has on the earths albedo and ocean currents. Volvcanoes have also played a part causing both warm and cooling, cooling through the release of sulphates that reflect light/heat back to space and warming due to the release of Co2. Even deneirs say this is the case. Yet when it comes to human emissions of Co2 sudden deneirs change their story. Current human emissions of Co2 dwarf those from current volcanic sources, the last time this sort of volcanic activity happened the planet warmed markedly and lost its polar caps completely. As to when the current warming started the answer is not long after the start of the Industrial Age, climate records show it starting slowly but the rate of change has also accelerated especially over the last 30 years or so. As recently as the early 1990s sea level rise was just 1.2mm per year it is now around 3.2mm if that rate rose by the same amount again it would be more like 7mm per year by 2040. https://climate.nasa.gov/vital-signs/sea-level/ Such a rate would easily get us to the 1m of rise by the end of the century, which deneirs claim can’t happen, yet we are already at the 22cm level of rise or almost 25% of that amount it took about 100 year to get to that 22cm but at rates of below 1mm per year, the rates we are likely to see in the next few decades are going to be at least 7 times that rate and sea level yearly rate will also continue to rise as we warm.


Prehistoric times when the Sun and the Solar System formed.



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The current round of warming started around 1870, the end of the Little Ice Age and the beginning of the industrial revolution. Simple. Yes? Edit: three TD's but nobody actually challenged my position. I guess people don't like to be reminded the two events coincided.


Late 19th century


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About four and a half billions years ago. Or when it was deemed to be a profitable business.


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when pollution spread inauspicious rain,cold wind started running,its was named global warming .The biggest reason for this was the cutting of tree plants.


About 11,000 years when the last ice age begin its decline.


When humans started burning fossil fuels.


About the time the dust settled from the big bang.


With the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.


it has alternated with global cooling many times over the last few million years the sun is 1.2 MILLION times the size of the earth , more energy hits the earth from the sun every HOUR than humans produce in a year, and for those non-science libs , it doesn't look a MILLION times bigger than the earth because it is VERY VERY far away, the earth has been MUCH hotter and MUCH colder many times over the last million years


From the beginning of time, when we started to get @the o zone layer. The fumes from the first fire that Neanderthals made would have been weak but would have some minuscule effect. Therefore, 1.8mil years ago