I am hearing about Global Warming flooding the Earth like Noah's flood, or burning us to a crisp. I am scared. What will happen?

Please be nice about it I'm only in the 6th grade.

Jake No Chat

Do not be scared. Yes, there are some changes going on, as there always has been with out great planet Earth. But these changes take a long time to occur. You should not have any problems in your lifetime that we cannot cope with. Future generations may suffer a bit, but for now, not to worry.


Sorry. Noah’s ark is a hoax, and I am a Christian.


Sure. Sixth grade is full of blue faced trolls.


The sixth grade is the sixth school year after kindergarten. Students are usually either 11 or 12 and kids under 13 are not allowed on Yahoo Answers. Reported for impersonation or misrepresentation.


what you are hearing is wrong. Ocean levels can rise another 200 feet and it still would not flood colorado a mile high. Noah flood might have been a tale of regional flooding.


Fake question from a denier troll. You could prove otherwise by letting us see your identity, but I'm pretty sure you'e going to stay anonymous. P.S. If you can prove to me that you're in the 6th grade I will pay you $50.


You have to be 13 to use YA. Come back in a few years.

John R

It's not going to "burn us to a crisp" - global warming will only warm the globe by 4 to 5 degrees C at most. The problems are rising seas, increasingly large storms occurring more often. The sea level rise is not going to "flood the earth", but low level areas near the sea will gradually become uninhabitable, For example, the island of Tarawa, which was the location of a World War II battle, is expected to disappear over the next 20 years. It's not going to happen over night.


Things like this take a LONG time. This is not something that will either burn you up, or drown you. This would take a long, long time if it did happen. Remember that scientists do not have all the answers, and much of what they say is theory. They are still discovering new things that they didn't know before or even see before, so you should not worry about any imminent danger. Yes, in the future things could change but again, this will take time. It will be up to current and future generations to continue to study things and come up with solutions. Other floods or freezes were likely due to meteor hits that caused a sudden climactic fluctuation. Those events were a very long time ago.