I can see the ocean from my backyard and I haven’t seen the sea level rise. Does this prove climate change is a hoax?

O-scary-o is trying to use climate change to scare people into paying a 70 percent income tax for a so-called “Green New Deal.” And her so-called “Green New Deal” has little to do with the environment and much more to do with being anti-buisness. So, not only does O-scary-o want to steal your money, she wants you to pay her to steal your money.


The rise in sea level so far has been relatively small and so gradual that it would likely be impossible for a casual viewer to notice it. The estimate is that over the last century or so the average sea level has risen about 6 or 8 in. That's not enough that you would notice it just by looking out your backdoor especially since things such as the tides, storms, and time of year can create far greater fluctuations. V nature of the ocean near you will also impact how you say sea level rise. Steep rocky shores will make the consequences less visible than in low-lying areas. Also, sea-level rise is not uniform around the globe and is higher in some places than others.


Is this a serious question? When questions like this one criticize her, it makes her look even better.


Yes ... your personal observations of sea level represents hard scientific evidence about climate change.


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No, it just proves you're a scientific imbecile.


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as long as you are 300 feet above the current sea level you are OK .


It depends.


I to live by the sea. I have seen sea rise. One place the high tide raises today all the way sea wall there. Cut under it. They had to redo that part of the wall. Add sand back behind the wall. In a other place I see sea level drop. Were the river keeps washing sand in. The beach there is getting larger & higher. So it is hard to figure out.


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No tide where you are? Or you can't tell??


The climate has modified ever since earth came into existence. Before humans existed.


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John Louis

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Global warming is real.

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So no tides in your ocean. Idiot/Liar


Maybe you should use actual data with numbers. https://www.skepticalscience.com/sea-level-rise.htm


The climate does change , has for billions of years . No amount of taxation will change that .

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In a way the answer is yes. Obviously if it were going to rise an inch inthe last 20 years then you are not going to notice but it also means their panic claims are a farce. Depending on where you are a one foot rise would be very noticeable at high tide. I live near the beach as well which has a low slope and the high tide mark has not changed over time. You can also see the lack of change in the cock areas and marshes even more directly.




I proves you are delusional.

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Ok, thanks for your Ocasio-Cortez is a boogeyman take. No one with brains is listening to you.


Wait til the tides come in. THAT my fiend, is proof positive , not only that climate is changing ( for the worse) but also proves it is caused by Americans high living standard ( which was a result of modern energy sources like so called "fossil fuels") .

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@ marsel_duchamp I would guess you did not read all the way to the bottom of the article where it says the observed data had to be "adjusted" to show sea level rise. Adjusted = faked. The claims of sea level rise are all based on computer models and not reality. There are high & low tide markers all over the world that show no measurable (in real life) increase in sea level for hundreds of years.


The ocean sea levels are not rising like Al Gore and Ocasio-Cortez talk about and that’s a very inconvenient truth for them. Climate change is a hoax coming from their mouths.


The climate has changed ever since earth came into existence. Before humans existed.