How far inland should i build a beach house if i want to leave it to my grandchildren to enjoy oceanfront!?



Jim gives a correct answer--if you're above about 70 meters elevation, then you will be safe even if Greenland and Antarctica both completely melt. In fact you could be at a much lower elevation than that and be safe for centuries--there is no way that the Antarctic ice sheet can disappear that quickly. On the other hand, you'll find that Sagebrush and Daro both imply that Al Gore has a house on or near the beach. This shows that they have fallen for denier propaganda. While Gore owns a house in Montecito, California, which is near the ocean, it is at an elevation high enough so that every bit of ice in the world could melt--Antarctica, Greenland, all the glaciers--and his house would STILL not be on the beach. Whether through laziness or lack of interest or not having a genuine interest in the truth they never actually researched the accuracy of what they said. California is not Florida--many places in California the land rises rapidly--very rapidly--away from the ocean, and Montecito is such a place. I used to have an office just a few hundred yards from the ocean, and similarly sea level rise would have been no threat to my office, since it was over 100 meters elevation.


high cliff on coast




You will not be building a beach house to give to your grand children. Nice troll though.


That depends on where you might live.


At the contour line that is 70 meters above the current sea level.


That depends on where you want to build it. Coastal cities from Boston to Miami are experiencing tidal flooding they have never seen before and it continues to worsen. If it was me, I'd build a house above a beach so even as the sea levels rise, your house will be safe. My grandparents lived in Oceanside, California where the town is at a continuously rising elevation from the beach. And it's a very nice town. I grew up in California and after every earthquake we would talk about buying beachfront property in Nevada.

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300 feet above the current sea level .


If you are close to sea level it would be wise to build it on stilts about 8 feet high and about 1500-2000' back from the current water's edge. That should take care of it for quite a few years.

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On the east coast would building at the "fall line" where the previous warming period and polar meltdown caused the ocean to rise might be a good place. Build on piles just to be safe.

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About 15 miles, flood insurance will bankrupt them.

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build in the grand tetons

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If you build a house inland with the expectation of your grandchildren inheriting future water front property, then your thinking is terribly flawed. You see, it would be your great, great, great, great grandchildren who would inherit that "water front" property. By that time, I guarantee you, the house would no longer be in the family due to circumstances beyond your control.


Al Gore isn't worried. He knows the ocean rise is just a scam swo he can make money. He has an oceanfront domicile. Actions speak louder than words.


Just put it right behind Algores house. After all Gore is the leftwing GURU worshiped by all ( all who worship other people that is). His "predictions" on Sea level rise skew quite a bit depending on which speech you listen to, but all of them far away outdistance even what the IPCC fearmongers are pimping. . And dont get him started on the "plight" of the Polar Bears. .