How do global warmers explain global warming happening on other planets?


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(sigh) ... the fact that something CAN happen naturally, IS NOT PROOF that it wasn't caused by human activity. Sometimes forests catch on fire due to natural causes, and sometimes it's an idiot with a match or cigarette butt. Sometimes people die of natural causes, and sometimes it's murder. It's not either/or. Is it REALLY. THAT. HARD. TO UNDERSTAND?!? How STUPID do you have to BE to NOT be able to figure this sh*t OUT?


prove your claim.


When we have as much data on temperatures on other planets as we do on Earth, we can talk intelligently about the subject. Two data points is not enough to be meaningful.


LOL, I always find this an amusing argument by deniers, because they always complain about how incomplete the temperature records are on THIS planet, then they start talking about warming on other planets where there are no thermometers at all.


Other planets have their own cycles. Not all planets are warming. Mercury, the Moon and the Sun are cooling.


The "global warming happening on other planets" meme is primarily a result of cherry-picking data by anthropogenic global warming deniers. In fact there are lots of small but measurable changes in the temperature of objects in the Solar System, principally as they get closer or further from the Sun on elliptical orbits. If you discard all the "cooling" data, you come up with a lot of "warming" data --- this is in fact the propaganda that is behind your claim. The output of the Sun itself has been monitored in some detail, and while it shows small variations due to the sunspot cycle there is no measurable long-term increase from the Sun (of course one solar mass stars like the Sun do double in power output over the 7 billion years they spend on the Main Sequence, but that is a negligable increase in only 100 years).

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theres no life on other planets, you ever notice that?


Global warmers? Is that a serious term?

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They don't because they can't track the weather long enough to see changes.


what warming? where's your science?



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Mike, the don't. You have to track weather for a certain amount of time before you can cite changes. We don't have folk on other planets to do that.


Ask Bill Nye. Although he isn't anything more than a dullard television show host, he identifies as a scientist.




Their is temperature change on almost all planets within our solar system.


But no one is living on any other planet in the solar system at present, so it doesn't really matter there.


Not happening on other planets


They try to black out any "inconvenient REAL truths. They prefer Gores inconvenient "send me 15 trillion dollars or you are all doomed " (in 12 years apparently). He was featured at COP24. Gathering of world leaders bent on controlling EVERYTHING you do. .


Earth - yes. Rise in temperature noted. Mars - yes. Rise in temperature noted. Pluto - yes. Probably related to its elliptical orbit path. Jupiter - yes. There has been increased activity near the red spot. The temperatures are expected to change by as much as 10 Fahrenheit degrees at different places of the globe.