Would the real Dirac believe in AGW? Or would he laugh in derision at those who steal his name to play pretend scientist?



AGW is the work of real scientists, as much as deneirs try to pretend this is not the case, thousands of people from hundreds of different research groups from around the world. Dirac was a brilliantt scientist but in the field of general relativity and quantum mechanics. at the end of the day Dirac was a scientist, and while it’s hard to say what someone who died over 30 years ago might say today, like the vast majority of scientists today he would read the research in published papers and like the vast majority of today’s scientists I think he would find the research compelling and he would have little time for the nonsense peddled by deneirs.


The real Dirac was a brilliant kook, and not at all good at practical things or experiment. Hard to know.

Donald K

Why I don't believe in "Climate Change". I live in the deep south, and this week; Monday afternoon, local stations were predicting snow by Tuesday morning. Snow, in the South, is the end of all things. Schools, including the college, announced they would be closed on Tuesday. Civic organizations announced they would be closed. There was a run on grocery stores, milk and bread vanished quickly, cars were lined up five deep at gas stations. Tuesday morning? Cold with a sprinkle of rain that lasted about 10 minutes. By 9 am, it was 34 degrees. So, they get it that wrong 12 hours out and we are suppose to believe they can predict a change of 2 degrees by the year 2100? Hope they don't run out of bread and milk in 2100 or we will be in trouble.


Good point, Solar. But it would be quite difficult to assess what the real Dirac wound contemplate. His thoughts on God are such, "The very idea of God is a product of the human imagination." Diarrhea, on this site, seems of the same mind. Einstein was confused by him. Einstein couldn't comprehend him as he said, and I paraphrase, "He is a genius one moment and a madman the next. It just drives me crazy." I contribute this to his most accomplished work he did was with someone else. But in reality, he was a smart man and we can see that by some of his works. However, in the case of Diarrhea on this site there seems to be no comparison there. However, their seems to be a lot of work by Dirac on vacuums. There is one theory about a bubble in a vacuum. It doesn't do anything but theoretically it is there. That sounds exactly like Diarrhea.


Depends. If he got enuff money from big brother, he may just sell out. Most people, including real scientists have a sellout point. Hansen , Jones and Mann prove that. .

Solar Wind

Don't "egg" him on or he will move the "goal posts" and start calling himself "Feynman".