Global warming...ops that didn't work / Climate change...ops that didn't work, man made weather extremes, ops that didn't work, what?

Liberal eco nut jobs ignoring weather extremes about every 10,000 years ( science fact ) need to blame cave men 10's of thousands of years ago for cave fires and BBQ'ing animal steaks?


The reason deneirs resort to name calling and political rants is that they have no science to back their claims, claims that even the oil companies that once backed denial no longer support. As far as global warming goes it hasen’t changed as long as you grasp the the U.S Midwest is not the entire world.

W.T. Door

@ Dirac YES, it is correct that the Soviet funded anti-pollution movement 40 to 50 years ago did us a favor. However, their intent was for us to destroy ourselves. The Left - sponsored by the KGB - pushed anti-pollution as a political position in the 1960s through the 1980s. They expected it to cause the western democracies (the only countries that have done anything about pollution) to destroy their own economies. It didn't work because "pollution" is both real and measurable. Realize that our environment (in the western democracies) is far, far cleaner than it was 40 to 50 years ago, and not just with regard to air pollution (the most visible type of pollution). The Left's objective of destroying the western democracies has not changed. They have simply changed tactics. They recognized their mistake of the past, which was to use an issue (pollution) that was both real and actionable and have avoided that mistake by making "human caused global warning" the issue. Human caused global warming - which they changed to "climate change" - is not real and therefore not actionable. The western democracies could literally devote 100% of their economies to "fighting" climate change and there would be NO effect on the climate.


ok.. so how does your rant change the effects of greenhouse gases?


I hope you don't live in the U.S., but I suspect you do. You're proof that our education system is failing miserably, particularly with respect to science. Perhaps you were home schooled, that would explain a lot.


Did you mean to say, "Oops, that didn't work?" And in what context do the concepts of global warming and climate change not work? There's ever-growing scientific evidence and a global consensus that these things are indeed happening.


Gungy --- Do you have any real questions or are you just going to keep posting Conservative BS from Fox trying to disguise it as a question? This BS will not convince anyone to change their mind. It is too easy to see thru.


humans put 200 billion tons of CO2 in the year every year . you deniers will die too .


You just embarrassed yourself, showing you don't know what science is or how it works. Do the world a favor and kill yourself today