Why are you guys still worried about Global Warming, Trump just said it doesn't exist?

It's time to wake up.


If I had any doubts, Trump saying it doesn't exist would convince me that it does.


Trump lies about everything, including global warming.


He also promoted raking leaves in the forest and a 10x upgrade in nuclear weapons. He looks out the window to decide if global warming is real. He's more interested in making oil companies rich. Washington Post and Toronto Star fact checkers show thousands of false statements and unproven claims by Trump in two years and decided that it would have been easier just to publish when he says something that's totally true. Since good government starts with honest government, he doesn't belong in government at all.


Trump doesn't exist. Time to wake up and smell the fake news.


Trump doesn't know anything except how to cheat people and lie.


Trump does not know


Why are you guys still worried about Global Warming, Trump just said it doesn't exist? It's time to wake up, Ugh as much as ya say. Trump, is idiot? He does not hear.


Trump also says uranium is a thing called nuclear weapons and other things, like lots of things are done with uranium like some bad things. https://youtu.be/nCnKtzQpCSs My dictionary definition is quite different.


I've been hearing those two words for a long time and I'm not seeing it.


But I wanna go to bed


Wait till the day global warning destroys you.

Donald K

LOL Shame you anti-science righties don't understand basic climate science. It's really simple: any fluctuations in the weather, no matter how slight, is evidence of man made climate change, and proof that we need an all powerful, marxist government to take over and control everything. Once that happens the climate will be fixed and the earth saved. After that the benevolent marxist goverment can round up all the wrong thinking right wingers and send them to camps for reeducation or disposal.


Why worry about something you have no influence on. I sure don't.


Trump is smart enough to know that there isn't any scientific proof for AGW. To those who think it exists: Why don't you genii provide him some real proof? Al Gore sure can't. Paul Ehrlich sure can't. Bill Nye sure can't. Maybe you guys can suggest someone who can. You see, Trump has a real high I. Q. Contrary to what people like Accosta and the media want you to believe, he is smart enough to not fall for that 97% claptrap. He knows it was only 75 out of 77 highly selected 'scientists'. He doesn't fall for "the science is settled" claptrap. He doesn't fall for clever deceiving statements that only idiots would project. Trump has successfully built buildings in the middle of NYC. Just think of all the red tape and crooked politicians you have to please in order to do that. Just think of all the crooked unions Trump had to coordinate with in order to build those buildings. That alone should should give you a clue as to his intelligence and that is just scratching the surface. Trump didn't fix AGW but the weather proved that Al Gore was wrong and Donald Trump is right.

Solar Wind

He is right on the money!!