Is Bill Nye correct that because of global warming America will have to grow its food in Canada?



I doubt that he actually said that. He probably said that agricultural regions would shift northward (poleward in North America) with global warming, meaning that some places in the U.S. may no longer to grow the same crops, and other crops will be grown farther north in Canada. Deniers like yourself have a very simplistic view of the world.


The effects of climate change are wide ranging, having effects on precipitation, drought, temperature all of which play important parts in food growth. Anything that affects food security has a major effect on the economy of any region if it where nessisary to move major parts of existing food production to new areas that would require vast expense, given current food production zones have been built up over long periods with associated storage and transport also built this would also have to be re-built if such zones had to move. It’s what the science says that counts not Bill Nye or any other deneir grab bag of sources.


There will be food shortages due to crop failures. Already are. A big reason for the migrant caravans, for example. It could also start getting a lot worse in this country. Maybe in Canada also. People in parts of the U.S. where there are currently long standing droughts and crop failures with corresponding economic problems will be moving out of those areas into states where it is not as bad. Pretty soon you may see states trying to limit the influx of these people just as we are trying to limit the influx of people from other countries across our southern border. It could get ugly. There could be water shortages too. Not to mention people having to escape low lying and coastal areas which are going to be uninhabitable because of rising sea levels from melting ice sheets which is progressing rapidly now. . It’s Pretty serious. Climate deniers are idiots to be blowing any of this off. Some of trump’s golf courses located in coastal areas will consist of one huge “water hazard” soon


It is probably in the best interest of the US to have good trade agreements with Canada! I have to wonder though. Wheat has been genetically modified to go in colder climates with fewer growing days. Perhaps food can be genetically modified to go in hotter, dryer climates.

The Lord Humungus.

No glaciers means irregular water supplies across much of the west. So given where we currently get much of our fresh produce, his claim is likely true in part.


The northern limit of wheat production has been moving northward about a mile per year for the past century. As has the southern limit of wheat production.

Donald K

The purveyors of Climate Change are not stupid. Our Education System (if you can call it that) has been working overtime preparing the millennial's to accept the premise that warm winters means global warming is happening. And, that brutally cold winters means the same thing. One would have to be exceptionally ignorant to believe such crap. But they do! Because they are.

Pearl L

only tinne will tell if hes right or not, i hope not cause then we'll all be nnoving to canada, too far to live here and not be able to grow food


He's not even a re scientist


I don't know about Bill Nye. You should be listening to scientists. But, perhaps not. The Canadian prairies are also getting dryer because of global warming. And, in Canada's North, the soil is too acidic and too poor in nutrients to grow any crops other than methane, until millions of bison have 10000 years to have accidents on this soil.