Liberals: It is currently -30 degrees in the Midwest. Any explanation?

GOTCha. #ClimateChangeHoax #LiberalsExposed


Yes, but it's probably too sciencey for you since you posted those anti science right wing hashtags. Go to google and search Weather Alaska and see what the temp is Your gotcha attempt failed, making you look bad

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You are, once again, confusing weather with climate change and global warming. Perhaps you should have paid attention in school.

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You don't understand climate change very well do ya? LOL. Heard Rush Limbaugh say this the other day and thought...oh well...he gets paid to say/think it so at least he's got a good reason to be stupid. What's yours?

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Yes. The Midwest is experiencing some extreme weather right now. The Midwest is not experiencing climate right now. How do I know you're retarded? You think weather and climate are the same thing lol


Actually, I'm here. It's only -16. You're either exaggerating or adding windchill factor to what the temperature really is. Aberrant weather patterns, increasing incidence of extreme weather, prove climate change, not disprove. How do you fathom that the occurrence of the coldest day in all recorded history throughout much of the United States doesn't do more to indicate there's been a change in climate rather than no change?


Yes. Weather is highly variable. It is supposed to be unseasonably warm following the cold snap in the midwest. If you think a regional cold snap somehow invalidates the fact of climate change driven by global warming you must not understand what "global" means.

ioerr: here, let me google that for you https

here, let me google that for you yeah i know, you don't buy a word you hear from those liberal bastions like cbs, forbes, or those dumb old "scientists," right. scientific american? what do they know. "Those temperature drops could lead to miserable days in February and March, the research finds. Conversely, those drops in temperature could offset some of global warming’s effect in those regions, said Martyn Chipperfield, professor of atmospheric chemistry at the University of Leeds and a co-author of the paper. “Climate change can lead to extremes; it’s not like a regular change, everyone to the same extent at all times and places,” he said. “Despite the overall warming, you can get in places like the Northeastern U.S. extreme cold events. That’s consistent with climate change and global warming.”"


Yea, it's wintertime. Stay in school, kids.


you realize that's the windchill, not the temperature, right?

Gringo: Idiots

Idiots: Weather!


The coffie grinds from moroco went north and they drank it and they spilled it causeing the ice to melt and we are all going to drown


Yes, but you probably will not understand the explanation.. Are you going to whine 2 or 3 days from now how warm it is.


These are all principles that have been known for decades: Global warming = warm air makes its way to the pole = the polar vortex is destabilized = part of it escapes to the south, bringing polar winter air with it = BRRR. Global warming = warm air makes its way to the pole = partly melts the polar ice cap = less sea water is cooled and caused to sink = less surface water is brought from the South to replace it (i.e., the polar ice cap is the "engine" for the Gulf Stream) = less heat gets transferred from the Gulf of Mexico to the west coast of Europe = cold and more snow in Europe. Global warming = ... = more heat remains in the Gulf of Mexico area = stronger storms in southern US (tornadoes and hurricanes). and so on.

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It’s winter.


Yes, an Artic front came in, but why would think libs would know?

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yeah but you won't like it most of you won't like it and it's a bit of a stretch. back in 2000 some year someone said we were going to do a pole shift. If you notice winter starts later and later and so does summer. this could be global warming and global warming could be connected to the jet streams and storms and weather and could be teh pole shift. See everyone thinks it was going to happen fast.. but what if it did happen but the outer shell of earth isn't as fast as the inner shell of work. There for midwest will get summer in winter and winter in summer. oddly someone told me this winter in summer and summer in winter wheni was a child. i never thought much of it. but as i age i have noticed less snow and cold in the end of the year. but thats just me listening to my gut and not other humans. and i don't say i full beleive this it's a thought and idea that hasn't been thought out or researched fully. maybe some and then they got board with it because there will not be money or ego invovled. so it gets pushed under the rug. anyway that's my thoughts.

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It's funny, isn't it? "You don't understand". So predictable! lol Or, "You are talking about weather, not climate", let's see if anyone says that again.


Don't you have anything better to do Donnie?


What I find amusing is the fact that the same people who can't get tomorrow's weather right feel confident in their predictions 20, 30 up to 50 years out because they have a 'model', a computer program that was built to their biased specifications and can't possibly contain all the variables required to come up with anything close to an accurate prediction of anything.


Global warming. LOL!