Can humans make a mountain disappear?

Considering current technologies and ignoring reasons to do so or not. Are humans capable of making mountain/s disappear? This is using tools/machinery, not weapons. What other kind of natural landscape can humans change permanently? Sorry. When i said dissappear, i meant something like turning the area into a flatland


Close your eyes. POOF!!!! It’s gone!!!! MAGICCCCCCC


Perhaps you have never visited Lead, South Dakota? I visited in 1961, and again in 2008 (47 years) Homestakes Mine had removed a Mountain of gold ore, dug a very deep hole, and moved a highway South around the hole. I didn't recognize the location until I stopped and walked up to the fence around the ore hole. There is also a growing mountain to the South where all the ore tailings are moved via water pipeline. Or notice the copper ore pit West of Salt Lake City, Utah?


yes obsessively . the way we are cutting down trees and destroying mountain for mining porposer ,the mountain wil surely be disappeared in few years.we should plant more trees to save our earth.


By using explosives as tools, not weapons.. we could flatten every mountain there is. Pretty spooky.


That depends. A small mountain could be crushed to pieces and removed. There are some potential tech that bends light making it disappear if it is small.

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They hosed a few into oblivion in California in the 1800s, seems hydraulic mining technology has only improved since then, so it should be possible.