Can someone explain why depopulation to free up resources for faster societal progress is bad?



You first. 😊


Are you volunteering to be one of the "depopulated"? I would hope one would not be a proponent of such things without advocating for themselves being first in line to be terminated.


You should watch the movie "Soylent Green". Then volunteer for depop.


It isn't. More resources to go around and societal progress is a good thing. However, there are very few methods of depopulation that are pleasant. War, plague, famine, and other disasters that cause mass depopulation generally aren't well received. The best and most humane way of decreasing population is to decrease the number of births through birth control, but some people will simply refuse to give up reproduction or use birth control at all.


The CHUDs already tried it

Homeschool produces winners

Nobody can explain that.


Because the people doing the depopulating want to do the same thing the depopulated are doing, sit on butt and do nothing. So, what gives them more right? Whew, now I don't have to work to systematically destroy losers! Now I can stay home.

Big One 0909

Who gets to choose who gets "DePopul;ated"??? I say we start with YOU. Seriously, You TREALLY don't see ANYTHING wrong with that? You are a special kind of Stupid and a very Dangerous person. Not onl y should you not bee allowed to Vote, but you also should not be allowed to reProduce.


No government supports depopulation / population control because their finances are all basically pyramid schemes relying on more and more people joining the base to pay for things like pensions and healthcare. The housing market and stockmarkets are the same, they would collaspe without an endless supply of new customers. Multinational companies also want unlimited amounts of cheap almost slave labour, and this can't be done with a falling populattion.


Because "Death is bad no matter what, and a terrible life full of suffering is better than no life at all" apparently


It also reduces potential economic output, IE less workers in the economy, GDP drops.