True or False? A place without any traffic is probably a place that’s not worth living in?

Because small towns and rural areas aren’t worth living in, especially if you’re in your 20s or 30s and single. Everyone knows everyone in small towns and can’t mind their own business, and they are f*cking religious retards, and hate gays and people from other countries. Internet is also slow and unreliable in the really remote areas, and no Uber or Lyft for if your car breaks down or you just don’t have one. Seriously, I can not comprehend why anyone would want to live in anything less than a small city.

Question Queen

For me, as long as I have a car, I would love the peace & quiet.

Homer Bufflekill about an inner city snowflake...You just stay where you are snowflake, the millions of folks living the good life in rural America don't want your kind around. Hopefully you'll become a statistic soon...enjoy !


If everyone lives in cities, who grows and produces our food? Now, if you start thinking about that, you'll answer your own question ...


ALL TRUE. So please continue enjoying life in the city and disregard the existance of my small town.

gary s

I moved from a large city to a small town and love it.Everyone we meet knows us,crime is lower and it is very quiet at night. Problem is slowing down the people that want to move in and make it a bigger town.Can we count on you to stay away???




False......peace and quiet.......bring it on




Any place that you live is probably a place not worth living in.


false it is quite and easier to take walks ETC


The big F.


false i would want to live somewhere without any traffic cause then i can get to work on time or get to a party on time


Probably true. As long as you're a white, Christian, straight person, they will welcome you with open arms.

Jerry S





Chaque un a son gout. I was born in a big city, lived most of my life in suburbia and retired to a rural area in the middle of nowhere. I love it. There's a new invention called an au-to-mo-bile that allows me to get what I don't produce on site. Google it if you don't know what one is.


Well you have answered your own question, but each to their own. The hating of diversity in these places is a lot less these days, but the gossip isn't.




False. Won't do any good to explain why living in a small town beats the hell out of living in a large cesspool of a city because you don't have any room for reason in this issue.

Dr sean mulligan

True dat


Please find a pleasant small city and live there! That unavailable there are many rural adaptations such as satellite internet, and internet ordering that rival city living. …. Just DON'T move anywhere close to me! My nearest neighbor is a 2 mile drive away. And I like it that way very much!


😄 False. Am from the city. Traffic is just as unbearable.