Why should level seven users be allowed to move questions?

Level seven trolls exist and they move questions constantly that should not be moved So the perk is that you get to ritualistically abuse people who have not reached level 7 status


Obviously it is doing more good than bad or Verizon would discontinue it. I appreciate most movers. Nothing worse than going to your favourite category and it's full of crap.I'm glad when someone cleans it up.


It should be stopped as people are doing it because they think they know best when they know nothing.Some just do it maliciously.


It's a perk for reaching 25,000 points on here. Not all level 7's abuse it.


They shouldn't. That feature should be discontinued or curtailed in some way -- like allowing members to pin or anchor their questions to the intended category to prevent further malicious movement. Edit: And reaching level 7 does not make one immune from having his or her question moved to a different category.


Jus go with the flow


the feature's likely intended to help people, since setting question categories can be strange to new users, users may not be aware of a specific category, and the automatic system obviously can't always get it right but it does seem to be abused a lot, so clearly it's not the best way to run things. any competent website runners would actually have, like, moderators. or might at least base the system off of trust rather than points. yahoo literally doesnt have the slightest idea how to run a website, though.


because a lot of users (and the automatic category-selector) are to dumb to move their questions into the appropriate categories themselves. and no, we can move the questions of other level-7 just as easily as those of lower levels