F U Once again weather meteorologists of King County?

I said wind storms are banned in Washington state due to my rules and various threats. I wasn’t a this angry of a person before but now you’ve forced me to resort 2 drastic measures. Sure I’m gonna shut down your pc’s with a really bad virus but no that’s not enough. That will happen what I mean is expect that and MORE!!! I own you people not the other way around. The best part is I got time off from work until Monday so I have time to do so much towards all of you. I was gonna enjoy an evening of Super MARIO Party but now I gotta spend time forcing you to cancel another storm and stop overall p****** me off. Heck if you don’t cancel it and stop upping the wind speed I will tear you a new one. I am stronger than you believe me this. I am not afraid of your kind. Overall Eat **** and die