What do flat earthers think of all the satellite photos of Antarctica?



Flat Earthers believe satellites are fake, therefore any images or signals from satellites are also fake. They don't think NASA does any real science or exploration. They believe it to be a huge black ops troll farm with 25,000 photoshop artists and cgi animators creating an endless stream of misinformation to fool the sheeple.


You seem to be assuming that flat earthers think. That's an unfounded assumption.

Prof Hugh Peabody PhD

Well it is quite simple. Thousands of painters are hired by the CIA/MI5 along with the UN and NASA. They paint these 'so called' photos and are rewarded with palaces and women. NASA and the UN have been doing this since 1876.

Genesis 1:7

Find one that isn't C-gen, bet you can't.

Bobby Jim

IDK. The photos are flat too.


those nuts are not worth your time