Spiritually: In other news, its cold as crap in Iceland (-8-10 Celsius). Hows your weather like?

The weather has been weird in Iceland, perhaps its climate change?


It's cold but we're in a warm up. I'll take it. Spiritually speaking consider these facts about snowflakes: Each snowflake becomes a masterpiece of construction. Amazingly, no two have been discovered that are exactly alike, and there are enough possible combinations of patterns to suggest that there will never be such a discovery and all snowflakes have six sides or arms. Snowflakes are a tribute to the wisdom of their Maker. “For to the snow he says, ‘Fall earthward.’”—Job 37:6.


You live in ICEland and say it's cold? My weather is cold and damp right now.

Mike W

Cold and wet, about 50° F. Ok it's not too cold, but it's cold for here, where most of us forget where we put our jacket on those rare occasions that we actually need one.

PW1,Church of the WalkingStick

Supposed to get above freezing tomorrow for the first time in about a week. We've had a couple of nights in the negative teens F. Plus, heavy winds on top of that.


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