Why are people so sick?!?

I just learned that about 200 (I think) people die a year due to bulls, but 250,000 bulls are killed a year! Why are we so scared of them if those ar the stats?!

Ghost Of Christmas Past

They taste nice


Yeah, but we can eat the bulls afterwards.


Agriculture is a very dangerous occupation. Our farmers are more likely to be injured than military, police, or firemen. Some see raising livestock as a means of wealth; there is an added physical risk involved! If you eat animal meat... you support that danger and market! If your only crying about 250,000 bulls killed a year to supply the meat for desire of beef diet... Become a vegetarian and stop eating animal products, wearing any form of leather, or using any animal product! In the meantime start worrying about all those innocent chickens that don't have a chance at killing human handlers!!!


When you work around water buffalo. Gentel creatures they are. You learn fast to keep a close eye on them. That is part of the bulls that kill. 1/3 of farmers here who milk & raise them end up hurt in some way. Young extra bulls are cut & turned to steers for market. To eat. I will say I no longer like beef. Waterbuffalo has much better flavor. I do think if you check more than 250,000 bulls are killed a year. Many home butchered, or small local shops off record. In the past 12 months I had a t bone steak. U.S.D. prime. Imported meat. It was flat tasting to me. Give me water buffalo for flavor. But I think I am one they call Asianized today.


Anyone else wanting a steak now?


Human nature.


Humans feel God has given the power to maintain the balance in nature. So they are killing every animal who has a growing population.


Because of the weather


increasing pollution


Plus, they're good eatin'.


250,000? That's a lot of bull. Did someone give you a bum steer?


It's the thrill of it all. Now female bull fighters have become matadors, earning millions of dollars for killing bulls. Years ago men, defying disaster, decided to try their skills at outrunning the bulls. Every year some still try it. Over time it has become an international event. Many have been severely injured by the bulls, and others gored to death. When one deliberately puts his life in danger by taking needless chances just to demonstrate his daring courage—his machismo—or to excite the crowd or satisfy his own need to experience a rush, he is, in effect, showing contempt for the marvelous gift of life that God has given us. Earth-Wide Peace Foretold In spite of such obstacles to peace between man and beast, the Bible states: “Every species of wild beast . . . is to be tamed and has been tamed by humankind.”—James 3:7. The Bible foretells at Ezekiel 34:25: “I [God] will conclude with them a covenant of peace, and I shall certainly cause the injurious wild beast to cease out of the land, and they will actually dwell in the wilderness in security and sleep in the forests.”


I’m talking about sport killing! Forgot to add it =_=

Lord Bacon

Why do you imagine those bulls are killed? How about the idea that only cows produce milk or have calves and that a farmer needs only one bull to serve a flock of cows and that the meat of bulls has a reasonable market value while keeping unwanted bulls alive has only cost (financial and environmental). I see nothing alarming in the statistics you quote ... just a bit surprised that so many people put themselves in danger of being killed by a bull.