At what age do you consider a guy a man?

I’m talking about a grown man, not some scrawny *** 18 year old. I mean, I’m 22 and I’m pretty fit, but I still don’t I’m a man like my dad. Maybe until I reach my 30s? I don’t know. I’m just wondering after this guy called me Sir. I’m thinking to myself, why call me sir? Is out of respect (most likely?) or because I look old (which I certainly don’t). Anyhow, yeah. I always thought Sir was used for older men / out of respect.


I bought my first house at 22. People called me sir, and I had my life together. I suppose you are a man when you take on responsibility and start doing what you are supposed to do instead of what you want to do. That could be at any age.


Not a specific age but a specific stage of life development. Some people are financially independent at earlier ages than others.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

When he can support himself.


Like 30


Not too many years ago, guys your age were dying for their country. The generations after a sadly a bunch of pu$$ies (to use the vernacular). Being a man is as much about attitude as age. Real men protect the weak, do the right thing, work, swear, fight, drink and f***.


You look old enough for him. May all be filled up full grown right now.