I'm so tired of everyone and everything and I just want to leave, I need advice!?

I work fridays, saturdays and sundays and I go to school the rest of the weeks. I'm taking AP Classes that require a lot of homework and study so after school I'm normally doing homework/studying really late. a lot of times I need to rest especially since I've started getting migraines that very bad that make it hard for me to do things when I have them. My mom yells at me for the smallest things - when I tried to take a nap she yelled at me for being lazy and is always telling me how terrible I am for not doing more chores around the house. My stepdad is one of the rudest people I've met, he yelled at me for walking to heavily, and when he aksed to to bring a plastic plate I had upstairs down, I said I was going to do it in 20 min when I fed the cat (Because I was so tired and I just got off work and I needed to sit down and I also had a few other things to do) He yellled saying "Go do it right now, etc ."My mom told me when I asked her that I could wait to do it as long as I do it today (What I was thinking) And my stepdad started screaming at me to stop being such a drama queen and rude,I get really panicked when he screams because my mom used to tell him whenever she was mad, and he would come to my rooom and scream in my face (He's a very scary guy) and he did that for a long time. These kinds of things have been happening for years. My dad also tell me how much he hates me and doesnt want me but I'd honestly rather live there because thats rare now. Idk what to do I can't get my own place since I'm 16 and everytime I try to leave my mom guilt trips me. I never know if her and my stepdad are staying together since they are constantly fighting and on and off again. My 25 yr old sister and her husband and baby moved in with us and while I love them, they dont help out and my parents pay for everything for them.


Give up your job. Your job right now should be your education. Working for pay comes AFTER you get a good education.

Pearl L

nnaybe you could start by nnoving out


Good grief. Tell your parents to use their inside voices. What's with all the yelling that goes on in your household? If they do it again, purchase a politeness, manners and etiquette video from the library and hide it under their pillow cases with chocolates hoping it will teach them how to behave themselves. As far as everything else going on in your life, you have to give yourself "me" time. Ask your job if you can come back in a few months and leave for now because you need to focus on your studies and you can't focus on studies without having me time and relaxation as well. Ask your job for temporary leave and use that time as rejuvenation.


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Dissatisfaction comes from inside, which comes from what we consciously feed into our brain. You can leave, but wherever you go, there you are. You take yourself, and your unhappiness-creating mental habits with you.


It's difficult to give you anything but general advice since you don't say how old you are. If you're under 18, is there a relative you could move in with for the remainder of your high school time?

Coach Simon

Use your earnings to find a place of your own. Alternatively, reduce your hours so that you can do your bit in the house. You do seem to need a break - over work is probably the cause of your migraines.