Should I let my dad know that my mother believes in cheating if you're unhappy in a relationship. They've been together for over 30 years?

She said that she is even encouraging my little sister to cheat on her husband which I think is very wrong. This also lets me know that she's probably been unfaithful to my dad all of these years because they've had some really rough times. Is it better left unsaid or does he have a right to know?


Tell him although he probably knows already.


None of your business. Stay out of it.


IF your mother cheated, she did. It's her personal business... and she didn't come out and say it. Who are you, the family tattle tale or something? Leave your parents' marital issues alone... their issuse, if they have some, have nothing to do with you.

real estate guy

This is THEIR MARRIAGE so do not but in. However, I would actually tell him that your mom is encouraging your sister to cheat. Let HIM draw his own conclusions. Your dad isn't dumb.

Pearl L

i probably wouldnt say anything, its better to stay out of it since you cant do anything about it anyways

Mr. Interesting

DO NOT BRING IT UP TO DAD. No good can come from it. Take a lesson on what momz is about, decide you are different and KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. Dad knows all about mom by now. You would just embarrass him.


I would say no to this question, why interfere in your parents life. If your mother has been cheating then I expect your father already knows or guessed and if so, he has not done anything about it for a reason best known to him. Let sleeping dogs lie on this one, it is their lives and not yours to mess about with.


I think troll families have a very different outlook on life, so as a troll brat of a troll mum and dad, you should keep your mouth shut and also stop boring us with your sad life.