My in laws are absolute twats.?

I have two sister in laws and a mother in law who are absolute twats. *My mother in law is VERY stupid and only has an 8th grade education (she's an illegal from Mexico) *One sister in law is obese and likes to boss EVERYBODY around. *The other Sister in law was adopted from birth from a group of my wife's dysfunctional cousins, has an inbred son with her biological brother (because she went back to visit. Apparently it was rape but Im starting to doubt that.), and was recently involved in prostitution in the bay area. This one has a ROTTEN attitude. Tonight I let them watch my kids at my house while I went to visit my wife (she got herself in a situation and it was this one's fault!) Anyhow, I come back and I get nothing but crap from her about how my house was dirty and some other BS that she thought she knew more than me about and then I told her to get out of my house. She then stuck her nose in the air and was like "no!" My mother in law then said that "that's just how she is" but also proceeded to tell me that it was my fault that my wife is in the situation she's in because I chose to go to work instead of help her at home on a particular day. This is all ridiculous crap. What should I do about these people?


If these people are SO TERRIBLE then ask yourself WHY you'd ever let them watch your children ? If my in laws were such twats, they'd never be watching my children at all

Pearl L

just dont have thenn over if theyre going to treat you like that