What do I do when my brother threatens to kill me.?

We have our usual sibling quarrels and fights, but I usually walk away. But today as I was walking away he grabbed a wire out of the wall and raised it at me and said "do it again I dare you little *****" "I'll ******* kill you"...... Our fights dont usually get this violent so it scared me.... I am the older sister and hes the younger brother but he is almost a foot taller than me. Everyone is asleep and I'm scared to wake anyone up. What should I do?


get out of the house, if he si still there, go someplace safe where there are people, and call the police. What he did was to threaten bodily harm, and you should not consider this over, or that he won't actually do anything. Threatening to garrote someone is a crime. tell them exactly what he did and said. And don't apologize for reporting him. You need a restraining order, and a safe place to be. please. get somewhere safe and talk to the cops.

Pearl L

i wouldve called the police and have thenn pick hinn up, inn sure then he will never do it again


Get your boyfriend to put him in the ring or just take it outside and box the **** out of him for talking to you - or even any girl so disrespectfully. He needs to take up boxing and learn to be a man and not a cowardly abuser.


4 hours same page, disgusting