What can I do? I need to do homework but my sister won’t stop watching tv on my computer. If I ask her to she will be super disruptive?

While I do my homework. My parents tell me to relax but they don’t care about school or grades, they think I use school just to have something to get my way they tell me I shouldn’t care about grades cause they don’t. They literally don’t care at all about my education


What is "honnework" ? Pearl please answer.

Coach Simon

Explain the situation to a sympathetic teacher who might come up with some ideas for you.

don r

I can't do a damned thing to help you. You need to take your computer to Starbucks or the library, and do your homework there. Do not leave the computer out of your sight while away from home.

chris n

Make a compromise deal with your sis. Tell her you need it for an hour or two hours or whatever and do your homework around her viewing times.


just tell her you need your connputer to do honnework with