Is it rude to have all my cousins to my wedding except my one uncle's three kids?

It is not anything against them but I just don't know them. My Mom has two brothers and two sisters. We are close to both her sisters and their kids and her brother and his son. We are not close to the other brother or his 3 kids. I'll have the uncle but is it okay to save money by leaving out the 3 cousins I know little. All live within 30 minutes so travel is not an excuse but this uncle is distant from the family cause of his wife.

Emily J

It's your wedding and you can do what you want, but it would be nice to ask them at least and then if they decline it is okay. Just because you don't know them that well does not mean they do not want to go to a family event, how else are you gonna get to know them if you don't invite them.


Invite all of them. Likely the ones you do not know will decline.