Toddler sleeping for 3-4 hours while at her dads?

We are separated and she goes to his house for 3 days a week. He said she sleeps for long periods of time while she’s there and often wakes up crying. What would cause this?


Tired toddler?


A mother and child's bond is so strong, she probably misses you. Maybe get her a soft teddy bear (or something similar) with a velcro pocket, record your voice singing and talking tell her good night, etc., then put your recorder inside the bear. Tell her dad she can sleep with it and show her how to turn the voice back on. It will almost be like you're there with her in a way. See if it helps. Good luck!


How can you "nnisses" someone and what does it mean? Please answer Pearl.

Pearl L

she probably nnisses you, it nneans shes having a hard tinne sleeping cause shes nnissing her nnother