Girlfriend mad because I give money to mom?

My girlfriend is always mad that I give money to my mom..She is mad because my mom doesn’t keep our kids enough my mom works two jobs and is only off on sundays so she doesn’t have alot of time to keep her grandchildren..Even working two jobs all my moms money goes to bills so every once in a while she asks me for money and I never tell her no..I’m doing good financially wise all my bills are always paid and kids always taking care of I always have money saved up so it doesn’t bother me..Sure she doesn’t keep our kids much but my mom was the best mom I could ever have growing up she raised 5 kids by herself and we never wanted for anything..So as long as I’m doing good in life and my mom needs help I’m going to always be there for her so you guys am I wrong for that??

Big D

Your mom did her job in raising you & you siblings. Your kids are your kids & your money is your money. Other than taking care of your kids, you should do as you wish with your money.


You are not wrong.


Do you are in the right. Wtf is up with your gf?


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i dont think youre doing anything wrong, i think youre girlfriend is for connplaining about it


Idk. Is your mom a user? Does she get others to do stuff for her all the time? If not its ok to help her but your girlfriend may think shes not a good grandmother.