How do I get my mom to give me my phone back?

My parents took my phone away a little over 2 months ago bc of behavior and attitude. Ive since then been very careful how I act around the house and have been doing my chores mostly without being asked. I waited until last week to bring up the topic of earning my phone back but my mom still said "We had a bad time for a long time so now we have to have a good time for a long time" I don't know what she means by this but at this rate they don't seem to be leaning towards giving me my phone back any time soon. Im worried that I won't get my phone back until April and I've had my phone taken since the beginning of December. What do I do?????

Pearl L

you could try apologizing and see if that helps

The Lord Humungus.

Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose Desire is the root of all suffering. If you stop wanting your phone, it will stop being a handle for them to control you. I suggest you find other pursuits, which include being out of contact with them because you no longer have a phone. It will be a blessing to you to not have them able to check up on you.


ask them to give it back


You do what your parents say. Clearly you havent learned anything. If you have a behavioural problem, your parents are trying to fix that. Right now, you only care about your phone and not actually fixing your bad behaviour. Focus on actually doing that.


Try to find or steal a new phone and keep it hidden from them or else those jerks will take it from u