What can I do about this problem?

My mentally Ill younger brother, is walking all over the house and pooping everywhere and it smells. My mom is fed of cleaning it and has gone on strike till my dad cleans up today's messes. It's in the bathtub, the rug in the living room, outside in the garage. IT SMELLS REALLY BAD.

The Football God

Truth is your family is over it's head and is doing NOBODY good. For your brother's good find him a place away from all of you, ASAP.


Bloody hell, not the POOP TROLL again!?! And worse than your adolescent fecal fetish is the number of gullible idiots who actually BOUGHT this lame-ăsš troll-bait!


Some adult in your family should pursue putting your brother in a place for the mentally handicapped.

Donnie Porko

Take him out for a walk. Only feed him at certain times so that he has a regular keel movement so then you can find it so that he goes when you take him out for a walk. Put pads around the house. As a last resort, make him wear diapers. When it’s time to change, tie him to a tree and aim a water hose at him to wash him. If it’s too cold, then put him under a running faucet and let the water do the work.




If true your brother needs to be in a facility that can properly care for him. Call your state's family service department and get them to evaluate the situation.

Pearl L

just clean it up and have the annbulance take your brother to the psych ward and lock hinn up