How to deal with over controlling parents?

I'm at the point where i'm so emotionally exhausted, I'm going to try to put this the most shortest way possible for both our sakes'. I'm 19 working , graduated high school, & in a happy relationship with my boyfriend for two years. I always had problems with my parents, but regardless i would always feel guilty and i would just listen to whatever they say. My dad is a narcissist & my mom comes from a dysfunctional abusive home. When i was 3 i got molested by my brother, after telling my mom and having her not believe me telling me "that's just how he is." I personally feel that's where my resentment started. I learned to grow up alone regardless of having siblings. Growing up more into my preteens that's where i started to realize all the ****** up **** they put me through. They still support me financially so i follow their home rules. I literally don't party, drink, hoe around, unlike my older sister, always come home before 11. My older sister always tries to get me in trouble, always making remarks about my body, decisions, & even personal life; she's a 25 year old failure who pretends she goes to graduate school! Regardless from that my parents value her opinion so much just because she literally kisses their ***. she told me herself that she enjoys manipulating my parents. From all this bullshit i decided at 17 to see a therapist, and my parents advised me the therapist they use for my brother, i agreed. Fast forward three months, my therapist sexually assaulted me.


It's time to walk away from your parents. Pack up your stuff and find a place to live Far far away. Leave quietly and don't even Tell them where your going. Just cut them Out of your life and become self sufficient And independent minded. No longer rely On others for advice. Figure out everything Yourself. It's best to keep others out of your Life and out of your business. Manipulators Are everywhere and players are everywhere. So keep your mouth shut about everything You are planing or doing. Vet carefully whom You bring into your life. If they make your Life worse or more painful dump them and Don't let them emotionally twist you into Letting them back into your life. You have To build up a list of boundaries you hold People to. If they ______ they are not worth Your time or money or assistance. Get Started on that list. The manipulators who Thinks it's funny conning or robbing people should Be on that list.

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First, report this therapist to the police. What he did is 100% wrong. 2nd, work to get out of the house. AND NO!!!!!! I don't mean move in with your boyfriend. You NEED time to find yourself. Look for a room to rent. All you need is a clean, safe place.


Get a new therapist and work toward completing your education so you'll have the ability to move out in the near future.


You find a job, work like a Trojan and get your own place. And then you find a good psychologist to help you sort your head out. If your family are as toxic as you claim they are, they aren't going to change any time soon. So if you want YOUR life to change YOU are going to have to find a way to remove yourself from that toxic environment.


Definitely complain to the cops about that therapist. All 5 kids from my family moved out by 19 (I moved out on my 17th birthday), we all supported ourselves individually and we all, eventually, put ourselves through college and developed functioning adult lives. You can do that.