Should I stop telling my sister to get a new Job?

My sister turned 21 last month on the 10th, she gets payed $13 an hr and work only 32 hours. She has the opportunity to get paid $25 an hr at an easy *** job where you could literally do whatever you want like texting, playing games, netflix, and even leaving when she done filling some little *** paperwork. But she says she loves her $13 hr job because shes helping adults with special needs. Everytime I tell her to take the job, we get in an argument and she tells me to mind my own businesses. The only reason I keep telling her is because her life rn is just paying bills and she has no money saved and will never be able to really save up any money. Should I just let her live her life?


I think your sister should keep her job helping adults who have disabilities. Maybe your sister can, or is learning something from her job, so I think it would be a good experience, for her to continue working there. You said your sister has an opportunity to get paid $25 an hour at an easy job, but what she is already doing should be an easy job. The less money someone earns then the easier the job should be, and the more money someone earns then the job should be more difficult.


It s obvious that she likes her job and despite I know you are trying to do the right thing for her, it s best to let her lead her own life, even if you think differently. If she decides to stay at her current job, or move onto another, it s her choice. I suggest that only if/when she quits her current job that you bring up the subject (of the new job) again.


Leave her alone. She can make her own choices


You should stop telling your sister to get a new job because she LOVES her current job. One thing I was told growing up is if you do something you love, you'll never work a day in your life. If you love doing nothing, that's great, your sister loves helping adults with special needs, and she's fine with the pay she gets and the hours she works because she can plan a life around that. It's up to her on what she wants to do, and if she wants to help others, then let her.

Pearl L

i would just leave her alone about it since she likes her job


Let her do what she loves. She probably has some plan in mind that's beyond your level of thinking. When she is making 6 figures doing something related to what she loves You're going to look back at how angry you were and feel foolish. Wise up and let her do her.

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Obviously your sister is not working for money. She is pursuing what gives her peace and satisfaction. She is 21. She knows how important it is to save up for future. Let her figure that out on her own. Also, you have concerns for her so you keep pushing her to look for better paying job. But you can't run her life for her. However you do need to share your opinions about her career time to time.

Suzy Q

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dont stop

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Only 32 hours? If she really wanted money she could get another part time job. I think she's being honest and as long as she's paying her bills and not mooching off of people you should let her do as she will. Good people shouldn't be ruined with greed after all.


It's not your business what she chooses to do. You've pointed out another job, she doesn't want it. MYOB at this point.