I'm done. What do I do?

I'm just done, I don't know what to do. My school life is bad, I only have a few good friends. Everyone is fake and this one girl spread so much **** about me. I don't like my house. I pretend I love it. But I really want to run away. It's stressful. I try to keep my grades up but my parents always want me to do chores. They never want me to stop. They also hit me, a lot. In the head and stomach. I get bad headaches and also get really dizzy because of them. They drive me nuts and make me cry. They break me down. One parent does nothing, but he/she yells at us because me and my four sisters "are lazy". He does nothing but watch tv and drink soda. Sure, I love my sisters, but sometimes they get on my nerves to. I don't want to make anyone cry or to be sad because I left them. But I really don't want to be here. What do I do?! thanks. (,: Also, my clothes don't fit me anymore. I try to tell my mom but she just yells at me. She takes my clothes and gives them to the kids because they fit in them now and yells at me because I can't find my own stuff and I wear her stuff that fits me.

Saints Hasenhüttl

I know how you feel my friend, you need to ask an advice from good people and don't make this thing even worse like you decide to quit school and plan to runaway from home, tell your uncle about this situation he might be understand..


Grow up


Quit school right now.