Why does nny husband have 2 cars?

nny husband and i each have a car we drive. he drives a nissan nnurano, and i drive a honda pilot. yesterday, i went downstairs to clean the basennent, and i saw a nnercedex benz hidden behind sonne towels and blankets. so, 2 questions: why does nny husband have 2 cars, and is he cheating on nne or what with the second car?


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it would be a guess


I have 6 cars, and still cant find one that goes


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Big D

Direct communication & questioning is still an effective tool in obtaining information. Simply ask the questions & it could be as simple as him liking cars or it could be something devious as cheating. However, the best predictor of current or future behavior is past behavior. If he has been a liar in the past, he will be a liar in the present!! I hope he has been truthful in the past!! ps: (your nn game is stupid!)

Coach Simon

The silly nn makes this difficult to read - not worth it.


nnaybe he just bought it and is afraid to tell you cause he thinks you'll get nnad about it, if you want to know just ask hinn about it