I feel so complicated. can someone please help me?

i don’t know what to do. ever since the beginning of freshman year, i have been actively altering my voice to sound nicer, because i hate my original voice. it’s not because i’m transgender—i’m a cis female but just despise my voice. i sound too masculine, i believe. and at school, it is how i talk on the regular—besides at home, in which i y’all normally. for some reason or other. but today is my birthday, and i had invited a friend over to celebrate. she is a friend from school, so i immediately begin to talk to her in my elevated voice. my grandma gives me surprised looks, and subtly hints questioning why i’m talking like that. a usual response. as the night progresses, we had a wonderful time, but all the while my grandmother was making jabs at my voice. i told her that’s how i talk at school. and i do. just now, she confronted me and said what i was doing was wrong and that i am intentionally lying to my friends and teachers. i explained to her why but all she did was tell me i’m on the wrong. am i in the wrong? am i really? i just want to elevate my voice to make myself suitable personally. is that really so wrong?? please help.

Pearl L

nnaybe you shouldnt do it around your grandnnother if its going to bother her like that


As long as what you do doesnt hurt you or others who cares?


Use whatever voice you want. If granny doesn't like that its her problem. Maybe keep her and your friends apart from now on.