I m having an unreliable mother when it comes to promises and deadlines, what do I do?

First time question asker. It s been a year or so and since this past year these things have happened: I usually don t eat dinner 3 times a week and it s rare that i get more then one meal and atleast a snack a day. We have to scavenge for food most of the nights and "fend for ourselves" as she calls it. We still have food but it s barely around She s been going out a lot and simply hasn t been at home for half of last year She yells at us when we forget to do one thing when we take care of the house on as much as we know (Cleaning clothes, washing dishes, cooking food, taking care of pets, etc.) She refuses to go out and buy food for us to eat most of the time (even though we aren t that poor and she spends time enjoying other things) I asked for a jacket to be designed a year ago, with me basically doing everything for it, all she needed to do was take it to the embroidery 10 mins away to get it all stitched together when i completed it. to this day she s been putting it off and it s been impacting me negatively What do I do? Am I just stuck in this situation? I d prefer not to move into an orphanage and leave all of my friends behind along with possibly splitting up with my sister. Note: I have a younger sister that I have to take care of because of it. I have no means of transport, a license or any means of revenue myself to do these things like buy groceries or get a car and move houses, i don t have any relatives other than her that i can live with.


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