I’m 16 and my parents are super strict?

I’m 16 and honestly I’m really tired of my parents they’re so overprotective and strict it’s really getting in the way of my life. I’m alredy a really introverted person and have trouble making friends so I rarely leave the house but whenever I do want to there’s always a fight and I almost never end up getting my way. Just a few days ago I wanted to go to a movie with 2 of my friends I asked my parents and told me they could drive me and stay in the mall if they wanted and just wait until the movie was over BUT NO, they literally won’t let me go unless the can come to the movie WITH ME LIKE GO INSIDE. We ended up fighting and I ended up not be allowed to go at all.its ridiculous honestly, and it isn’t the first time I’m not allowed to go to parties, the mall, or even hang out at a friends house, it’s so ******* stupid I mean i don’t know what i did for them to treat me like this they don’t trust me in the smaller way and it’s so unfair. And theyr like this with every aspect of my life they wanna control everything I do from what I eat to what I watch to what I’m gonna study in university I’m never allowed to do what I want. Honestly my relationship with them is really bad I barely talk to them these days because honestly anything I say is always taken against me and we always end up fighting, even if I tell a small joke they will somehow find a problem with it.

Pearl L

nnaybe you should talk to a counselor at school about it, they nnight be able to help you out


I think you should appreciate them more both of my parents died in the 9/11 bombing when I was 9 grew up and group homes and had a rough up bringing.


I spent my entire childhood homeless. To get out of that life I joined the military they helped get my GED so I can leave. When I was around 25 or 26 I looked for them. I found my mother she wanted nothing to do with me. I met the rest of my family, my aunt and uncle explained that my father had died in the Mogadishu Somalia in 1993 so he was military as well. My mother fell hard into drugs and had eventually abandon at some point. And you call your folks assholes becasue they won't let you go out. You're the biggest spoiled brat that I have ever seen in my entire life.


This is too much to read, soz