Is this my fault or are people seriously the problem?

I was out with my brother today and he invited one of his friends over to meet with us and to keep note, I don't have a good relationship with my brother at all, he underestimated me my whole life, and people wouldn't talk to him when they found out he's my brother. Like wtf, I had a tough childhood with many insecurities that still prevents me from loving myself and believing myself more. I struggle here and there with friends but man i've come a long way. There are people who love me and people who really don't but im okay with that. My brother makes it seem like it's not okay. I honestly feel like this but i feel so sorry to be in this world, people have made it seem like I'm a big deal and it's mostly people in my city, I've always. I'm not that bad, I'm human and I can't satisfy everyone, but I can say a lot who get to know me end up liking my sense of humor and generous heart. I grew from this torture. my brothers friend drove of as a joke when i went to his car and then my brother freaked out and started cussing at me calling me cringe and that people don't like me and that i'm an embarrassment. Starts talking me down and underestimating me. People look at me as a weak human being and it hurts me, I have a kind heart and feel like i am a mistake sometimes. I know my worth but this universe has been throwing negative ppl left and right at me, ugh man. Keep in mind my brother is fat, gay, and isn't the best good looking, he is rude to other people in public.


It seems you add to the problem in a way. If you know your brother is like this keep away.


it could go both ways