Should I tell my mother her husband is cheating?

So I live with my mother and step father. They've been married almost 20 years. My step father has been in my life pretty much as long as I have been alive. I'm 22. Anyways a lady on Facebook contacted me and all but came out and said she and my father were having an affair. She had no profile picture, and posted few things The posts she did have were promotions of my step fathers business. Quite frankly i think is a fake profile for a real person but idk. Also Thought it was a scam until she began to tell me things that only he could have told her. I don't want to get in between their marriage, however I slightly feel like this needs to be addressed. Should I confront my step father, tell my mother, or stay quiet? **Any other advice you have will also be helpful.


Tell your step dad! It may be a disgruntled employee trying to mess him up!


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stupid person if you believe anything on face book so her plan is---- like an idiot you run and tell your momma and she confronts your father, they bust up and it is all from a straight lie from a person who is not game enough to reveal herself


Do NOT get involved unless you have absolute proof.

Pearl L

no, i would stay out of it since theres nothing you can do about it anyways

Judy & Charlie

Your step father is the lady on facebook and you are being catfished.


I would ignore this troublemaker and stay quiet.