The mother of my child wants nothing to do with me, and she blocked it to where I can't messenger?

Facebook ended up getting pregnant from a one night stand and I told her family and she told me not to because this would be too stressful but I was drunk and getting high all the time so she ended up blocking me on Facebook making it to where I can't contact her 7 months later after she had the baby she sent me pictures in like Heres pictures of your baby, and now we're back to fighting and she's always complaining that she misses her first babydaddy he committed suicide and told me she didn't wanted nothing to do with me should I just let the baby and her go and move on with life


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i would just try to get visitation going so you can spend tinne with your baby

Oh Boy!

NO, you need to think about your child. Go to court, be prepared to pay child support, and file for joint custody. The most important thing here is that child.


You have no idea if this is really your child and you have very little to offer anyway. You could just walk away. But if you are willing to give up the drugs, commit to paying child support, and be an active and involved parent, then see a lawyer so you can get a paternity test and settle this. This is a human being, not a puppy. You don't get to drop in and out of his life to play when it's fun and convenient for you and call yourself a parent. Either you are all in or you are useless and should stay out of the way.